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Goober Town, Toad Suck, Blue Ball…

I didn’t just have a stroke, these are real names of some Arkansas towns. Mid USA.. Here are a few more.


Bald Knob

Monkey Run

Greasy Corner

Stinking Bay


Possum Grape

I ran a fishing resort in the Northwest tip of the state for 20 years. The area is called the Ozarks and is truly like stepping back in time. Here are a few shots I took last summer. I broke my foot and ankle the first morning I was there, but still managed to get a few shots of the area. Meika my wolf dog has never seen so much fresh water in one place. She couldn’t wait to go swimming.

And neither could I. This water is crystal clear. This is lake Norfork. The lake has more than 550 miles of shoreline and covers some 22,000 acres. It’s a huge lake.  Commercial docks and parks provide plenty of opportunities for camping and water sports.

Below is one of the bridges across the lake. See that little strip of white on the other side? Let’s go there.

And here we are.

This is a state park, with camping, beaches and a boat dock. You can rent all kinds of boats from Pontoon Boats to Ski Boats. It was late in the day by the time we got there. The next morning we woke up to this. It was storming! Living in San Diego California we don’t get to see these much. The picture below shows the White River.

This is where we had our fishing resort. The waters never get above 58 degrees, so on hot days the river is shrouded by a layer of white fog. No fog on this day. This was taken at around 9am. It’s very dark.

Below shows how green it is..

Here is just some shots while we were sitting under Cotter Bridge in Cotter Arkansas looking at the old train trestle. The bridge and trestle were made so big ships could go up river way before the dammed it. They swung open in the middle.

This one is a bit closer.

That’s it for now folks. I hope you enjoyed the little trek into Arkansas. Have a great day!!


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    • lol i found out why they were named odd names. Back in time they named the towns strange and bad names so no one would think it was worth taking over.