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Beach Day ~~~~ 3!

I went to the beach with my oldest sons wife, and my youngest son, with the dogs…

If you missed Beach Day 1, you can find it here. These are the photos without dogs in them.

If you missed Beach Day 2, you can find it here. These are photographs my daughter in law took.

And now we have the dog pictures! 

My two are the little one named Luna, and the white one named Meika. 

My sons dogs Lily, the black one and Keizer, the red one.

  I love taking pictures of people taking pictures.

Look at that 8 foot wave in the back.. Our surf is usually 2-4 foot waves.


Notice the tree in the back? The wildfires a few years back threatened to burn the nuclear plant up the beach, they kept it from taking over the plant, and let it burn to the beach here. 

It was great having the whole beach to ourselves. 

Keizer loves the waves! He body surfs them. 

I thought this one was cute, the race is on! Her two kept racing, man they are really fast! Lily won each time by a nose.

Sometimes you need your whole face wet. Must keep cool during the races! 

Lily under the parasol. She is a full blooded Doberman but can’t be bred. That’s how my son and daughter in law got her for a discounted price. Notice she has teeth missing. This line started having teeth problems, or lack of them. She doesn’t know the difference. Do dobies even chew food? 

My beach girl..she loves the beach! 

Miss Lilith and Keizer back for a rest! Notice all the water jugs? There was no water on this beach. Some have fountains, but we knew ahead of time and brought 2 gallons per dog.  

Meika doesn’t really like the beach. She did get wet, and play some, but most of the time just hung out under the parasols. 

I had to have a black and white of her..

The whole pack.

Not often that I can get them all in one shot. This one was funny with Lily shaking off the water. 

Meika is heading back to the shade! 

Posing for the camera! 

What do you do before you go into the water? Check to see if you wallet is put up. My son is not scratching his butt, I swear! lol

I will leave you with this black and white, almost silhouette.. 

Have a great day! 


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