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Back Yard Birds of Auckland, New Zealand

I’ve put in a few bird pictures of my backyard. Most of them. A lot are imported a long time ago.

Birds are your friend if you are a garden, they eat the garden pests, they are a nuisance if you don’t protect some of your fruit, but overall they do you a lot of good.This is what backyard birds look like in New Zealand.

#6 Green Finch

This comes out if you feed the birds wild bird seed. They eat a lot of seeds. I don't always do that but see the odd Greenfinch now and then. 

The Greenfinch is slightly smaller than a Sparrow. These were introduced to the South Island and Auckland. These birds became a pest eating fruit and garden fruit, but as the market gardens decreased and dairy cattle and sheep took over, they decreased. They will fly a long way to go to an environment that feeds them. 

Both mother and father build the nest, but the mother incubates the eggs alone, the father feeds the mother and the chicks with reguritated seeds.


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Written by Pamela Moresby


  1. We do have some of your backyard birds here too! I don’t think we have magpie or turtle dove, but we have mourning dove!