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Crow vs Blackbird

Sharing this crow captured in my garden awhile back. They are actually crows. Some refer to them as simply blackbirds. I thought the black and white was called for with this photo. Going for the Alfred Hitchcock feel. 

Two of the first things to consider are the location in which the bird is spotted and the bird’s usual range. The common American crow is found throughout the US, while blackbirds are mostly found in the western and midwestern parts of the country.

Crows are also much bigger than blackbirds, but this may be difficult to tell without comparing the birds side-by-side. To estimate, consider the size of a pigeon. If the bird is larger than a pigeon, it is a probably a crow, and if it is smaller than a pigeon, it is most likely a blackbird. The size is how I can always tell the difference. When you see a crow flying into your yard, his wing span is much larger than a blackbird.

Photo ©CarolDM2018

  • Do you call these birds crows or blackbirds?

    • Crow
    • Blackbird


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Written by Carol DM