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I talked to a longtime friend today. She was going through some turmoil in her life. I listened as she explained how others were taking what she said the wrong way. That really bothered her. No matter what she has tried, others continue to take what she said and turn it around to mean something else. She asked my advice. I told her this has happened to me many times. And we all have to make our own choices and decisions on how to handle situations in life. But I did tell her that choosing to rise above whatever situation you are in, and be kind to the other parties involved, is always a good path to choose. You will be right every time. Is this easy to do? Of course not. And it is not an admission that you are right and they are wrong. It is just choosing to be kind. Then walk away. I also told her I try to take a pause anytime I am in a situation with anyone where there are disagreements. Once words are said they cannot be taken back.

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Written by Carol DM


  1. You gave her sound advice. It is not easy to deal with those that are impossible to deal with. I have one right above me that talks that has gotten worse during this crisis. Before it he was not always here but now he is here more and is horrible and nothing I can do about it, but, there are times it really gets to me.

  2. Absolutely truer. This is an excellent blog. I have learned to do that too: to rise above negativity and mean-spiritedness, not to respond to it, just to try as much as possible to wish the other person well, and get on with my life.

  3. Right or wrong? No one is ever perfect. I have often been brought up to be arrogant and right. One day, I found out that it really didn’t matter if I was right or wrong, the world was not going to end.
    I had some people deliberately tell me that I was wrong because they loved upsetting me. Now I realise, that being right is not my role.
    Being kind is best.
    However, Im fairly open, knowing that with time people learn more each day and it is impossible to for a human being to know everything.

  4. If you can be right, and not be angry then this is the best way. But if you always get angry at other people, then it is better to say nothing at all and let the other person make the mistakes. . .

  5. Kindness is the best way to help all situation. Sometimes it works, but even when it does not the feeling good at the end of the day comes shining through.