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Smiles from Above ~ Just for Fun JUNE

Kim has a June challenge that will be ending in a few days called HAPPINESS. Just write about what makes you happy. Should be easy peasy. For today I decided to write about a Christmas ornament Dustin made for me in grade school. Yes after all these years I still have it, still has glitter on it. I keep it in a sealed bag when it is not displayed. More of those little things in life that get me through.

Sometimes there is a tree up at Christmas, other times not, just depends on how I feel. Either way, this paper ornament is always around to make me smile. Dustin loved Christmas. I try to make it a happy time and it is very challenging. Our attitudes dictate so much around us. I work on mine and try my best to keep a positive happy attitude as often as possible. Dustin would want his Mom to be happy.



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Written by Carol DM


  1. Carol ~ you are a strong and wise woman. It can’t be easy to share all of your Dustin treasures with us and yet I appreciate it so much. You are a true survivor and have done the work to become such an amazing teacher and been such a great example to all of us. I just want to personally thank you for all you do to help others by being true to your heart.

    • You are so kind to say that. I never thought I was a strong person. My world literally fell apart when I lost Dustin. Had no clue how or if I wanted to start again without him. But step by step I have picked myself up over and over again and somehow I am still alive. Your comments help more than you know. Makes me feel like I do have purpose after all. Thank you again for your kindness.

      • You have a purpose. You have carried me through times that I woudn’t have made it through. The other day Bro saw me crying (again) and he smiled. Go look at Carol’s birds – that seems to help and it does.

  2. This would be nice to put in a frame and have up all year long. Angels are for any time of year. He does want the best for you.