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Virily Dashboard But Why No Payment

I looked on my Virily dashboard to see if I had reached payout. This amount looks like I have enough to receive payout. I emailed support with no answer. Am I mistaken about having enough to receive payout. Thank you in advance!


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Written by LaJenna

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  1. The updating of earnings is strange on virily. In June 2019, they waited upto 30th June and calculated the earning. This month (July) they have finished it on 25th July itself. Why they are doing like this is a mystery to me.

      • My dashboard has a weird look. Have written for clarification. I was hoping that I would be paid in the very first month of my joining as I had 12 plus around the third week of July which going by the virils I have to my credit there should be more dollars but the dashboard has not moved and in fact I do not even understand it.

          • It is August now and therefore they should pay me for July. I joined on 3rd July and have reached payout right before the 3rd week. Am I right here?

          • Grace, How did you contact them to get an answer? They will not reply to anything I send them. Did you use email. Or did you find a support button on Virily that works? I have been unable to get any response from them what-so-ever. I really think that I should be paid by now!!!!!

          • Yes Grace, I wish there would be a verification that I would be paid as well! I also wonder why my dashboard was updated for six days and yesterday was undone and still no payment. I wish that I could get a response that said anything about what the problem is with my payment. Still trying to contact them – no response ever. Geez, they at least have a bot that let you know that they received an email and can’t be bothered to address it. !!!

  2. I recently received a payment as I reached $10 so you should be getting paid however there is the difference between getting paid by PayPal which begins with $10 or being paid by Payoneer with requires a much higher amount reached. So if you are with PayPal then you should find out what is happening about your payment.


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