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Top five things limiting Virily Content Creators…

First of all, two really quick things. There is a lot of frustration in our community with the overall direction. But as a community, we pull together. I gathered the top four concerns and issues that we, as writers and content creators on Virily have with the site today. I am sharing them with the community and with the editors of the site. I hope everyone understands that sites like Virily are extremely difficult to build, maintain and improve. Not that I am in any way saying that the complaints of writers aren’t valid, they are. There is no real easy way to do some of the things the Virily site does.

As the writers of Virily, we would love to continue to improve the site. The three issues we are sharing today are the ones that are impacting the writers, readers, and creators of content on the site. We wish Virily to be widely successful, and because of that, we would love to contribute and help grow the site!

  1. The site is very slow, and in the past month has been offline numerous times. In fact, one of the complaints on the share I made of the original improve virily post on facebook was that two different people couldn’t connect to Virily to add their comments.
  2. Once content is published and available we would like to have an edit button. Only visible to the content owner, so that if we desire to make changes, we can. We accept and understand that means the content may have to be re-reviewed by the Virily team. We would like the option!
  3. Communication! As writers and content producers here on Virily we are communicating. We would love to have more open and direct communication with the Virily team, giving us heads up about outages, issues, planned changes and in general just talking about what is going on.
  4. Clear explanations of the various levels, Badges and so on would be wonderful.
  5. Finally a clear defined easily consumed description of how much Virals are worth.

The goal is to help Virily improve. There are other issues, but the ones listed above are ones that impact or would provide significant value to a number of the content creators on the site.

The poll (with the first question broken into two questions) is also live. I will share both the poll results and the list above (and any additions) with the editors. Thanks all for the contributions to date! Just click the embedded link for the Poll!!!

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Written by DocAndersen

I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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  1. I think that the adsense is preventing them from communicating with us the way they should. I think they feel they are gagged and tied perhaps. I have been way beyond frustrated as most of us have, but have decided to try my best to post still and hopefully they will get things worked out soon. The drop in revenues this month are scary to say the least, but overall the site is still ranked very high even with all the problems we’ve experienced. And I like you all so until it either gets better or closes.. Im still here.

    • Glad to hear that Kim. My primary personal issue right now is that I have a very limited window to read the posts of others. I end up spending that time troubleshooting issues and trying to resolve connectivity. That means less time to read the works of others!

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