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Something really awesome is happening all over the world right now.

Animals are taking back the city streets and visiting where their ancestor’s once lived. Have you seen the pictures or videos? 

Here is one of those videos.

And here are some awesome photos that I found floating around the net.. 


#1 Coyote in San Francisco

    • Nothings changed for the coyote here food wise, they are just enjoying less traffic. We have 7 every square mile in Oceanside. I know the numbers are super high in San Fran. Now, the wild animals that rely on us to feed them. The monkeys in the cities are being effected by the lack of tourism.

#2 Cougars have been seen all over the place in several cities.

    • You did the right thing. That is just exactly what another cat would of done. Let it be the first to move. The only one I have seen up close and personal was in the desert. She wasn’t interested in me. She just trotted along in a good pace.

    • I have a different take on this. I don’t thing it’s sad, I know they don’t. Imagine, living in our shadows, and noise. Then it all of a sudden the noise stops. The cats are coming in for a closer look, (ours are still hidden in Oceanside). I think it might cause problems since people still go out for walks with young kids. They will start going through our trash, getting to complacent, and more contact with people, the less chance of survival. When we start back up, it will be a slower pace. Not everything will go back to normal. Our governor said the plan is to open slowly. Select businesses will reopen, then more and more.

#3 Lions

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#4 Hooved animals







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    • I am sorry it made you sad doc, I thought it was close to a miracle. To see them roam what was once theirs. The quietness of the towns and cities all over the world. It uplifted me and showed some good coming out of all this.
      About humans and cars. It will be a slow start, they will recede back to the wilderness. Now, the longer it takes to get the cars back on the road, more and more wildlife will be around. I could see some accidents for sure, but since everything wont get back to normal fast if it ever does, they have a chance. Since it is up to each state and country to reopen at their own will, most are planing on starting back slowly, by opening select businesses at the start, then open more and more.

    • I did too, I just had to share it here. They are protected, most of them yes. Although if the protected ones were caught in neighborhoods animal control would be sent out to kill them. Glad that has all stopped.

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