Pakistan Heart Touching Story

Hello guys, whats’up, I hope you are fine. Today we are sharing a heart touching story from Pakistan. On 9 Jan, 2018 in Qasur, Pakistan, people saw a dead child in a garbage. According to the media, the 7 years old Zainab was disappeared for  5 days. He was kidnapped by someone and after being raped he was killed and put in the garbage area. This story was very disturbing for the country and people started protesting and looking for justice for Zainab.

This story becomes top trend on twitter and all over country. According to the media police is about to arrest the person who killed the innocent Zainab…

I hope you like this story and pray for Zainab, so that his soul may rest in peace..


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Written by uzair irfan


  1. Oh God, poor child 🙁 I think courts should have severe laws and penalties for this kind of crimes, abuse a child will destroy their lifes but killing them after such a monstrous thing is so awful that in that case I am in favour of the death penalty for the killers.

  2. Child abusers are everywhere in the world. Right now, we have such a case of sexual abuse on children. Fortunately, abused children are alive, but they are deeply marked by what has happened to them.

  3. Its really sad to hear this … I hope justice will be served soon and the little boy family and himself gets to have some peace…

  4. A very sad story! Of course, I do not like this kind of vile stories, but as an information, this writing is important for us to always realize that people always have cruel behavior in a variety of ways that are very important to overcome with all their might.

  5. It is always sad when it comes to children being murdered. I hope they treat the killer as they deserve to be treated! If I ran the world, people would get punishment exactly like they had done to poor innocent children.

  6. Many years ago a similar incident happened in America. The man was caught! I pray for justice for this sweet and precious soul. I heard this news report on the American radio and I am still upset and angry about it. FIND THAT KILLER!