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Neutral ~ 365 Photos Challenge #166

As you read this article, you are using a device that requires electricity. We also know that electricity requires positive and negative currents, which without one of them does not work.

My wife would ask me to do the reflection for her when her stomach upset was painful. Reflexology is done by pressing the nerve bounce points on the sole of the foot or the palm of the hand, and that is painful, but she asks the pain to relieve the pain in her stomach. If I feel angry, I do not divert that anger by singing. I try as soon as I can to aware the emotion, accept it, and immediately determine the response to anger and its source.

Really, I do not rely on positive thinking to raise awareness because the technique doesn’t help. I am not willing to move the negative from the conscious mind to the infinite warehouse of the subconscious mind. I don’t want negative ones that are actually complementary and do not contradict positively to be the exile.

I am convinced that we all know that the subconscious mind is much stronger and decisive than the conscious mind, then why should we let the negative at least nine times be strengthened in the subconscious? Then what happens when the negative living in the hiding place finds a way to express itself in a different form?

There is no eternal dominance in the reality of duality, and domination always creates resistance or rebellion. So, it is not wise and does not provide true peace if we only want the positive thing and suppress the negative idea. Where there is war, there is no peace, is not it? Then, how about the war inside our mind? To be in peace, let the negatives be released as well as the positive expressed. To release, not repressed. Why? Because we must create a neutral consciousness, not positive or negative, and it will be a pure consciousness whereby we will live the most natural and blissful life. Also no less important, we are true to ourselves,  do not lie, not self-inflicted, and do not make us a hypocritical person.

If you want to join, here is all about 365 Photos Challenge and I am on Day 166.


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  1. I have to agree with Tasartcraft that the picture looks like one of Carol’s, Lol. Its must be great minds…
    In terms of the narrative I totally agree. If we think of a the negative and positive terminal points of a battery, both need to coexist /dual exist in order to create the correct result.

    • Carol does have a lot of beautiful skies, I take it too occasionally from the balcony to glorify its beauty.
      Conversely, glorifying positive thinking alone is merely a method of disturbing balance even though it appears logical on the surface.

  2. When I’m in such a situation I sit in fresh air and sing fake, but I do not care about my favorite songs. That’s how I get back up.

  3. Yes, this is why I don’t believe in positive or negative thinking. I believe in “Generative” thinking.
    That is by using the negativity for the good and overcoming by not interrupted the flow of life but by redirecting it.
    Negative and Positive is real and there but like a wheel one goes up and then goes down. Its realistic so we face it and use that for good.

    • Thanks, Pamela. Your point of view is great, different and rarely found. Most people strongly believe in positive thinking and have been hostile to the negative. People forget that this is the reality that teaches and strengthens us to continue living well and mature.

      • Thanks, unfortunately most cant get rid of cold realities in this life, but we often have to deal with the unpleasant to move forward.
        Facing that, we can move on and hopefully our character is changed into being better than what we were before.

        • You’re right, Pamela. As Socrates said, “The untested life is not worth living” (though he has been put to death for it), we are indeed present to learn and adapt to all weather and then move forward through the learning. That’s how our characters crystallize.

  4. Needed to read, had a situation hard to deal with. Got angry very quickly and had to do my deep breathing to get over it. Sometimes you have to walk away when you realize your words are nor being heard. And I agree we cannot suppress the negative, if we do, it sits and will rear its ugly head eventually.

    • Patience is a pure quality without boundaries that is actually not influenced by positive or negative, like a tree that grows regardless of praise or scolding, though it must face the challenge of nature to continue growing and growing. So is our awareness to recognize both positive and negative and to draw useful lessons from both sides.