Miracles ~ 365 Photos Challenge #156

I’m sure we’ve all seen miracles in one way or another. Years after passing through childhood, I first saw pure beauty when I was in high school. At that time I saw a friend in our gang who was always ridiculed as the ugliest man looks so special.

At that moment I saw him really as it is, without any judgment and glasses. He is so beautiful as a divine creation! Indeed, at that time I saw that beauty under the influence of marijuana, it was bad, but that experience really made me aware of my perspective and all of us.

Years later, after I dive into the wisdom of ancient Java, I remember the experience again. Ever since I enjoyed the teachings of my ancestors, I was fortunate to see, enjoy, and experience various miracles, including survive of several accidents which, by common measure, must have killed.

One of the most important foundations of the ancient teaching is that we are able to abandon the “glasses” or the general worldview. Learn to see everything as it is, without any thought and paradigm, just what’s in sight, anything before our eyes. To be honest, without the intent of bragging and boasting, I even often saw and always aware of the presence of my guardian angels. Of course, through all that, you and I can see the essence of our lives.

So, if we want to have peace and happiness, want to see and experience miracles, we should start looking at our lives and everything around us as it is. I am sure we all can do it.

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