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Reasons ~ 365 Photos Challenge #167

People generally know that life is a choice. However, it is often not easy to decide a choice among the many options where each option has its own consequences and risks. If we just can realize this, we are actually easier to make choices because it allows us to consider carefully before making a decision.

In dealing with everything that goes on in our lives, unfortunately, many people who know about the above but still make decisions and act for various reasons such as; emotional impulse, an escaping or compensatory reaction, being unable to understand a problem, or being unable to understand itself, and the most difficult is not being able to grasp the wisdom of the lessons given by life.

Decisions or actions based on such a thing could be a fatal mistake, can be a destructive habit or addiction to certain things that can be very disturbing to balance yourself.  We all know that this is not bullshit because there are so many people experiencing this, so it is important not to make decisions based on emotions and reactive attitudes or just to vent the bitter reality of life on pseudo-solutions.

If you want to join, here is all about 365 Photos Challenge and I am on Day 167.


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  1. We learn as we live and as we experience the difficult times.. hopefully. I am always learning and you are right, no decisions should be made in haste when emotions are at a high level. Great message once again.

  2. I have on occasions ate too much of a sweet, but these days my choices have been better. I think I craved sweets because of having high blood sugar, but now my blood sugar is back to normal, and can handle those types of craving. Thank you so much for this one!

    • Addictions or obsessions can appear openly or in disguise. Drug addiction is a straightforward and deadly addiction, but sugar addiction, shopping, lying etc. even can be more dangerous than smoking!
      Hey, I’m so glad that now your blood sugar is back to normal, LaJenna.