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Small And Simple Effective Entertainment ~ 365 Photos Challenge #173

Latest two days, the job requires a lot of time and concentration. As we all know, working with thinking often drains more energy so we can experience more severe fatigue. If physical work can be abandoned as soon as work is completed or maximum hours have been spent, it’s different from working with thinking we can bring that thought wherever we go.

The inconvenience is when those mind’s burden accumulates and mixes with other thoughts of many other aspects of our lives, such that it can produce various mental effects such as stress, anxiety and others. Even two weeks ago, one of my nephews had to get surgery on his head due to a cerebral hemorrhage. To overcome such a thing, we need an effective and appropriate release, thought-shifting and awareness development.

I think we often read or hear tips to do it, but the most important thing is that we realize the coming of such circumstances, have an awareness system of its threshold, and certainly to give attention and time that is proportional to this important thing.

I feel grateful that I usually have no difficulty in getting around such circumstances through relaxation or meditation other than through entertainment such as gardening, painting, listening to music, watching television or one of the most fun; play with pets!

Two funny creatures above is my playmate a few hours ago while visiting the residence of one relative for certain job needs. They are small and simple effective entertainment too.

If you want to join, here is all about 365 Photos Challenge and I am on Day 173.


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  1. I wish the best to your nephew. These babies here could make anyone relax and go to a different level in your mind. Pets are great therapy as you know. Good for you for knowing how to handle life stresses and worries. Again, I wish nothing but the best for your family.


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