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What If? ~ 365 Photos Challenge #199

If ever since the stone age all the land in the whole earth can be planted anything, how human civilization today?

If we can not feel pain, do not feel anything when certain body parts or even entirely burned by fire… feet hit by big rocks …

stomach being stabbed accidentally… the veins to the heart filled with fat until narrow did not cause of any sense… how would it be?

If disaster never existed, the flood never happened, the mountain could not erupt, what is human like now?

If the wife will not be angry when her husband married again and again and again… or vice versa, how the face of the human family?

Imagine if a salesman can sell anything to everyone he meets, what will he learn?

If the problem never existed in human life, what kind of human being are we?

If you want to join, here is all about 365 Photos Challenge and I am on Day 199


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