Castle Rock Ruins and a Tragic Love Story


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Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. Oh what a tragic story 🙁 That poor guy! But super photos and great prose 🙂 Can you explain why the reservoir is off-limits to everyone? And Earl’s ‘castle’ too? From what I understand, they are on public land – or am I missing something?

    • It is a drinking reservoir, they don’t want any contaminants.. I guess? Okay, the next question the castle. Back before Earl bought the place it was a 20 acre parcel of land, which was sectioned off and sold. I think the castle part was donated to the city by Earl from what I understand. I hope this answers some questions. Thanks so much for reading each one, much appreciation, always!

    • I loved the story no matter how it might of changed as stories do as they are retold. My feelings were of wonder at first. The physical work that he did is amazing. Shows what a man can do, for no matter the reason if he just puts his mind to it. (Or woman)
      Then you get kind of mad at Ava.. and lastly you just enjoy each little spot, and let the artist side take over..Click, snap.

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