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Beware! I am going to share an opinion!

Yes, I am conducting a little experiment. “Disclaimer: Unless mentioned by name there is no real or inference, referring to anyone on this site, real or fictional.” I am not referring to anyone here I am providing my own example of what I see and how I understand it.

This original post as written below had 141 Views. (Thank you I appreciate that.) It had 26 comments at the time I am doing the edit. Now if all we are concerned about is views and comments. The thing I am going to do is focus on that for that on this post for a while. Maybe I am not putting the good of the site first or perhaps I am. Perhaps I have had it all wrong. Maybe commenting on my own work is somehow good for the site?

It would be great if anyone notices or reads this and takes the time to comment on it.  I feel like we are all still wandering around in the forest and the admins haven’t left us any crumbs, and the rest of us are tossing them all over. 

So welcome to my experiment.  I hope we all learn something valuable!

I know it is scary when I feel like I must share an opinion and today I must. I am prepared for you to tell me I am totally wrong in a kind and loving way!  I love all the work Doc does to help us try and understand and improve our experience on the site. I read the latest one through again and something just “bugged me”. It was nothing that Doc said or did it was something “we” voted on. 

Q: WE SHOULD GET 1 VIRIL FOR UPVOTES?Yes (15 votes) – 68%No (7 votes) – 32%

You don’t even have to open a post and read it to put an upvote. You could simply go tromping up and down the page doing this all day long. The only reason I even see to have the up and down vote is on posts where you use them to change the order (ranked posts and very few even know how to use that.) Now that seems like an opening for trolls (the new kind I learned about, not the ones I collected.)

My heroes are the seven people who thought it through and voted No to a viril for an upvote or downvote for that matter. I truly hope they never make the mistake of giving us a viril for an upvote. That is simply my opinion.

I think most people use it as a bookmark to note that they looked at a post.

So what do you think about edited posts now?


What do you think?

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  1. I missed that one but I wouldn’t support earning virils for voting. It will be abused thereby loosening its value. Apart from showing my reaction to the post, I also upvote to mark I had read a post which I had not commented.

  2. I agree with alibb’s thinking. I always thought it was strange how the voting system works. I have learned to accept how it is and just do my best, and try to read and comment when I can. Thank you for this post!

  3. I don’t know. I learned that, after reading Doc’s findings, I’ll just keep writing interesting articles as others ‘blog-bomb’ (as I see happenig which I can’t keep up), reading and commenting and hope for the best. I give upvotes because I honestly appreciate the author’s effort and interesting info he/she writes about.

  4. well now, i have to say two things.

    1. I had not considered this side.
    2. I get suggestions from all sorts of authors on Virily

    The requestor for this particular change pointed out the following.

    More than half of the authors do not comment but instead only upvote. not arguing just getting the other side out!

      • so let’s move the upvote to inside the post! that way you don’t have to worry. at least they opened the post.

        I would say more than 1/2 the comments I get at times the person didn’t even read the post. That has gone down (more reading) lately.

        • Oh my. Well sometimes I get confused about posts, but I certainly read them. Sometimes two or three times if I get lost.

          On another subject – I think that until the whole edit issue goes away they should drop most commented. I never look at those now because I don’t feel like they are accurate.

  5. I don’t think to get virils for upvote will bring benefits for the site. Instead, it will create room for system abuse. We should give upvote because we like a post and part of interaction among us.

  6. What I do is upvote right before I go and read the post. I do this because I find that I like the posts I am reading so I can upvote before I read. What was odd one day was that I read a post and suddenly for some reason, I thought I had not upvoted that post. So I upvoted at the end of the post and it marked it as a downvote because I had already upvoted. Odd, isn’t it?

  7. I actually do think that its a good idea IF they remove the voting from the home page … so that users have to at least click in and scroll to the end to vote … it’s not “free” virils, you’ve to work a bit for it :p

  8. Of course, it would be beneficial for the members if they get a viril for upvoting. If I remember it right, the system used to do that.
    However, I agree with you that it was prone to misuse and abuse. The upvote/downvote buttons are available on the list of posts.

    I believe, if they should give a viril for upvoting or downvoting, that option should be made available only on the content page and after the content.

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