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3 Year Old Reading A Book?

My son is three and a half years old and he loves story time before bed.  He seems to have a favorite book that he always picks out, and at this point he has it memorized.

I thought I would share the video I got of him “reading” it or just stating what is on each page from memory. It is just so adorable, I couldn’t help but video him and post it. A lot of the time he remembers the page exactly. It’s fun to see how he remembers things and to watch him learn new things.

Did your children do things like this? Another question I wonder is by what age were your children reading? I know at three and a half that is still a bit young (although it can happen) for a child to read.  I just was wondering if he was on the right track.  He is really smart, I just want him to keep him on track with what he should be learning.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed the video!  Eli is definitely a character, I am excited to see what happens when he is old enough to go to school.

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