Tips for the Shelving System in the Interior: Partition and Storage System

Sometimes a large space needs to be divided into several smaller, distinct functional zones. When you do not want to make major repairs, build new partitions, and moreover, it’s important to keep not crammed space, you  are looking for simpler ways to separate spaces. There are many variations of partitions, including retractable, sliding, transformable, suspended. The simplest way is to add a shelving system partition.

If a room is with one window, it is impossible to use a solid wall for separating room space into zones, because then one of the zone will be left without a natural light source. In such space best fits a semi-transparent shelving system. It can be without back and may even without side walls. Such a shelving system will be an excellent solution for your small room. But if you want to add shelving system into enough spacious room, do not restrict yourself when you are choosing a model of shelving – you can go for the boldest and unique, original solutions.

What the shelving system you will choose depends on the purpose and the need: whether it is necessary to divide the functional zones, or to give privacy to some kind of home space, disguise the place of storage of things, or maybe simply integrate the decorative detail to give the house a feeling of comfort. Properly selected and environmentally-friendly partitions perform not only the separation function, but can also become an essential element of the interior.

Features of shelving systems partitions

In stores of modern furniture now you can buy various shelves. Also, you can order any shelving system to be built by your personal wishes and model. You can choose transparent shelving system, or you can choose semi transparent shelving models, or maybe you will like close shelving system, shelving system mounted to ceiling or mobile system… Easy systems, or more solid furnishing systems, systems with facades in a lower part…  Whatever you will choose, all models have their own advantages if to use them as a partitions.

Versatile model of shelving system

This model of shelving system fits to any premises: for a small and for spacious rooms. And it also fits to any interior’s design style, you just need to choose the model and the material for shelving system.

One more advantage of versatile system is that you can use it in the premises with all kind of functional load. If use it in children’s room, the shelving storage system can be used for children toys, boxes with games and books. If to build it in bedroom or living room, shelves can be useful to store home library or wardrobe items. If shelving system works as partition between your kitchen and dining room, then you can store kitchen utensils.

Transparent Shelving System 

If your choice is a shelving system consisting only of open shelves and intermediates, then you will have a transparency of the partition. Transparent shelves you can use even in a smallest premises with just a little amount of natural light.

Quick and easy installation of the shelving system 

To install any model of shelving purchases in any store is easy and uncomplicated deal and it will be easy to accomplish even for those who never were engaged in such installation before. Shelving system has easy design, but it does not diminish its practicality, durability and its strength.

Shelving system partitions functions

First of all, such systems work as zoning – separation of space. Then it can be also used as storage systems. Third option – the shelving system can be a perfect accent of your interior, it can easy attract attention. Beautiful shelving system partition is a great original decorative element in any interior, an element of a creative design.


If your room has only one window, but you want to isolate some part of this room, just use a transparent shelving system model. For instance, if you want to separate rest and sleep zones in one room.

If the room is enough big, but you still do not want to build solid walls in order to separate spaces, then again shelving systems is a great option to use. There is an option for zoning spaces to use such shelving system that has shelves only on lower part of model. You will get separate zones, but the amount of spaces lighting practically will jot be changed so much. There can be cases when you need to install a partition using shelving system from floor to ceiling – you can do it in a spacious room that have several windows.

Storage shelving systems

Another advantage of shelving system partition is its use as a storage system. If you build such shelves, there will be no need in any other furniture for items storage. It is hard to list of items that can be stored in such shelving system, it can be your library or collectibles, and it can be any items you want to store there.

Content you can store depends on the zones which this system separate, in other words, where this system is used, for which reasons. The one, most common option is to store books. Books backs can be a colorful accent that decorates your interior of neutral colors and also it will be easy to find the book you need.–limestone

Protective shelving system function

In addition to the zoning and storage functions, shelving system can work as also perform a protective function. You can build close to your stairs and it will not only separate zones, but also will work as a railing, will be like a protective screen when you climb the stairs.

Types of shelving design 

Shelving system can be produced of variety of materials: wood, metal, plastic, glass, etc.

The most used version of the shelving system is open from both sides shelves. Such shelves do not block the light and they do not clog the room. Shelves look stylish and correctly chosen items bring charm to the room. But better do not overload your shelves – it’s always better to show less things, but of high-quality.

Other option is partly closed shelving system. It is also used quite often. The closed part of shelving system often is created in its lower part. The height of closed shelves depends on your desire to create a level some kind of darkness in the separable zone. The upper part is left transparent with open shelves.

If the partition is of a small height and its lower part is quite wide, then you do not need to attach the upper part to the ceiling. The shelving will still be securely built indoors and you do not need to fear overturn it. But if you have children, then better fix upper part to the ceiling.

It is very popular the portable models of shelving system partitions. You can easy change its structure and you do not need to dismantle it during resettle.

 Another option used often is partition in a spacious room is two sided fireplaces seen from both sides. Such fireplace’s continuation can be a shelving system. It can be of any model – closed or translucent.

There is one more popular way to use shelving system as a partition – video zone with shelves. Now the modern TV screens are thin and shelving system can be combined with TV zone. In such case you can watch TV in both zones: living room and bedroom.


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