Designing an Adult Coloring Book: Discovering Canva

Canva is a great online graphic design website that a person can use for free. Now keep in mind though there are two versions of Canva, and the free version is limited to what a person can actually do. But using the free version I have found is a great way to do a coloring page layout. In Canva a person can literally design a page layout, not just for coloring purpose, but other uses as well. For example, those who want a way to design their own book covers can do so on this program.

In fact, this is how I found out about Canva. My sister was introduced to it first by one of the fellow Indie Authors she has met on social media online. She started using the program to design books covers. When we decided to get involved with designing adult coloring books she introduced me to the program. I could go into elements of Canva but instead, above I have attached a well done video placed on YouTube for Canva. The individual is going into designing a book cover but the reason I chose this one is that it is a good introduction to the program that I have seen in videos.  The instruction is clear and does show the features of Canva.

This video can explain the program better than I could, because there is a whole lot to cover.  Keep in mind there is an upgraded version of Canva that can give individual other graphic features to use. Right now I can’t afford this version so I still use other programs as well such as being able to change size and dpi resolution, this is something I do right now in, another free tool to use. In my next installment time to discuss DPIresolution and using  In the mean time enjoy this video that is an introduction to Canva.


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