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Unique marriage offer during parliamentary session

If anyone in Italy thinks of offering a wedding to a girl, it will certainly be a beautiful place like Venice, Florence or Rome. But the interesting thing is that except for all these places, a person offered a wedding in the Italian Parliament which surprised everyone.

Yes, the 33-year-old Italian Assembly member Mr. Flavio Di Muro offered a wedding to his girlfriend, Eliza de Liu, who was sitting in the gallery. The meeting was discussing the issue of rebuilding after the earthquake, during which they suddenly said that today is not the same as other days.

Later he bowed down and took out his ring and expressed his love to his friend Eliza at the gallery in front of all the parliamentarians. He pointed to the ring and asked his friend if you would marry me ? All the members sitting around him laughed and clapped and encouraged him, while at the gallery, Eliza said Yes with a mixed impression of surprise at the unexpected wedding present.

Later, at the meeting of the Parliament, everyone congratulated Flavio Di Muro. On the other hand, the speaker also expressed displeasure at this action, saying that the manner and location of the offer was not appropriate.

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  1. The context was horrible. The parliament were talking about people losing homes in the earthquake. Then, the guy thinks that it is the right time to propose. The workplace and private life should be separate.

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