On the refusal of the fiance, the bridegroom married alone

In Brazil, Dr. Diego Rabello and Vitor Biono were engaged in November last year and this year there was a wedding, but after the engagement, the two continued to quarrel , even after the place and food were fixed for the wedding ceremony, the fianc refused to marry.

Instead of mourning the bride’s refusal to marry, the bridegroom decided to hold the wedding without the bride and due to Corona, the ceremony was held on the beach with only 40 guests.

The highlight of the ceremony was that the guests congratulated the bridegroom alone and also presented gifts. The bridegroom also had a photo session with the guests and the guests were entertained with delicious dishes.

The groom, Dr. Diego, shared photos of the wedding ceremony without the bride on Instagram, calling it the happiest day of his life. This unique bride of the world added that I turned a sad situation into a joke and today I am happy because I am with those whom I love very much.

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