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Would someone’s race influence your decision to help them?

In today’s society we like to ignore the fact that racism is still very much alive. Even children nowadays have to deal with racism.

In this social experiment they put a scenario in front of societies eyes to see how people will react.

Is there a benefit to being a certain race?

Will one kid get more attention than the other?

Even though they’re both holding the same sign.

Let’s put it to the test…

Not even 5 minutes into the switching..

Did his skin colour make the difference?

Or just the different type of people walking by made the difference?

We all bleed the same blood

This is not about race this is about a lack of character..

Regardless of race we don’t care much for our own brothers & sisters as we should

That even a helpless homeless kid could be passed by

So after seeing that they decided to give (Jayden) one more try. Jayden is the African American kid.

& something amazing happened..

Fredo was at a complete lost of words…

That a homeless women would give her last bit of money to someone else

While everyone else just walked right by..

Regardless if someone’s walk of life we are all human & should be treated as such

“We all bleed the same blood”

Treat others the way you would like to be treated..

Out of both kids holding the signs how many people do you think stopped to offer something?


What do you think?

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  1. Very interesting post. I have worked for a charity organisation and know it’s hard for many people out there. I was amazed by the generosity of others. However, in the paper I see a lot of rich wealthy homes and people who live there don’t appear to help anyone less off than themselves.
    Yet, there are always an exception to the rule.
    And yes, some people asked an old man for money when he walked back home from church, he didn’t have anything so they killed him, right here in Auckland out right. They were gang members, and yes they got away with it too.
    I believe in giving but be very careful

  2. The main acute illness of man is fear. The more we have the lot (wealth), the more fear of losing, the few possessed, the less feared will be lost, not having anything means not to lose anything. Unlike the compassion, the more we have, the more we give. Such is the abundance of hearts.

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