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Friday, June 23, 2017

While checking out videos on Youtube, I thought this video was interesting because I agree with most of these tips. Although I am 52, I still dress like I am in my 20s, only because I still like my clothes that I used to wear and I am just used to my younger years clothes and accessories. Most of these clothes still look good on me, but some of these clothes don’t look right anymore. A young cashier at Mother’s Market liked the earrings that I was wearing but I told her that they looked better on me when I was in my twenties. Now, it just looks like vintage 80s accessories, which is also cool and fun, but it also reveals my actual age because it proves I was young when I bought it in the eighties.

  • Don’t waste your money on trends. Instead, consider classics, such as pleather, plaid, tailored clothes, pencil skirts, florals, military-inspired clothes, and denim.
  • Clothes from your 20s might not look right on you anymore, even though some might still fit. Middle-aged women tend to bloat and their bodies change, regardless if they gave birth or not. Or, you just might end up looking like an old battleax in a trendy outfit for a 20-something girl.
  • Consider a short hairstyle. I got my first haircut in junior high, although it was gradual haircuts each month so it won’t be too traumatic, even though I wanted to move on from long hair. And, since my high school years, I realized that very long hair doesn’t even look good on teenage girls. Most teenage girls look good in medium length hair. Now, at 52, my hairstyle is either a bob or pixie. I don’t seem to like anything else.
  • Fake tans are better than real tanning, especially when you are older and your skin is even more sensitive. I am more careful with the sun, nowadays, preferring to wear sunhats and sunglasses a lot, as well as using sunblock, a foundation with sunblock, and bronzers for a natural tan color and glow, which is also an extension to my makeup application.
  • Wear the right size for your body proportions. People’s body change as they age, which includes their proportions, weight, and shape.
  • Adding a belt to a loose dress or tunic is actually fashionable for this summer. Update last season’s and even older clothes by adding a cute belt, whether wide, narrow, or statement belt, and wear the dress differently than you used to wear that dress. Examples might include the t-shirt dress, shirtdress, long maxi sundress, and other loose and flowing dress.
  • Camouflage unflattering body parts with loose clothes while show-off your attractive body parts with fit clothing items. For example, if you are pear-shaped, then wear culottes with a cute camisole, and maybe add an open white shirt or light trench. If you are top heavy, then wear a flowy blouse with leggings or short skirts and maybe cute shoes and other accessories.


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