London Fashion Week 2017

This video exposes the New World Order agenda via certain symbolism at the London Fashion Week. Remember, the Illuminati control the fashion industry as well as fashion magazines. The catwalk reminds me of the Heath Ledger movie, the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, in which Heath filled with Illuminati and NWO symbolism to expose the truth about the industry and their acts, which lead to his murder in order to silence him. He was hanging by a noose in that movie, which is symbolism for “Traitor” because he exposed their acts and it made him a traitor to the people he works for.

I will now list 15 obvious symbolism in this video.

  1. Masonic black and white checkerboard floor.
  2. Masonic black and white stripes, spirals, and skull face.
  3. Models are dressed in creepy costumes that look like Halloween costumes. Some models look satanic.
  4. Models walk between two pillars like walking through a portal doorway to Hell.
  5. Zionist Israel star
  6. Huge freemason compass is in your face behind the catwalk. Couldn’t they have made it even bigger than that?
  7. Runway takes place inside a Catholic church, which is an obvious sign that the Pope will introduce the NWO to the public. Let the Hunger Games begin…
  8. Lots of red, which looks like a bloodbath, which is a sign of the millions of mass murders for the depopulation agenda.
  9. Pentagram is drawn on the models’ face and the models wear a blood red gown or monochromatic red outfit. Another model has black hair and very white skin, which makes her look like a witch.
  10. One model looks like a character in the movie The Exorcist. Her hair is made to look like devil horns. She has serpent design on her clothes.
  11. Lots of red and black combination.
  12. Eye of Horus
  13. A black model dressed as a metallic gold sun because the Illuminati people and Zionists are sun-worshippers.
  14. One model looks like Wednesday Addams in black lace.
  15. Infinity signs–I never understood what these signs are and why people are interested in them. So, they don’t really make sense to me.


What do you think?


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