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Norwegian nicknames as Christmas & New Year gifts for my readers

In this post I tried to realize my wish of giving all my readers something unusual + Scandinavian as Christmas & New Year gifts. So, let me present you Norwegian names which I chosen. You can use them as a nicknames, pseudonyms or something else if you desire. Hope that my humble gifts will bring you success & joy in the upcoming year! Welcome to the world of my miracles!

My first Norwegian nickname goes to DocAndersen who in my view is associated with the name “Ole Einar”. It means something like “heir to a warrior, guardian, protector”. One of the bearers of this name is Ole Einar Bjorndalen – the famous Norwegian biathlete. To my mind, it also suits to my view of DocAndersen, because I always impressed with his comments, which always accurately “hit the target”!

Then I would like to mention Alex Ledante and present him the name “Harald” which can be translated as a “ruler”. As you know, he created the whole world of unusual painted creatures & rules them very efficiently so I think that the name I chosen is just what the doctor ordered. And this is the photo of his colleague, the famous Norwegian painter Harald Sohlberg.

Also I wish to thank Carol DM for her wonderful comments and to pay tribute to her huge strength of spirit. I’m sure that it helps her much to cope with all difficulties of life and please all of us with their wonderful creative works. The name I chosen for her is “Sigrid” and it means “beautiful victory”. In this regard let me remember about Sigrid Unset – a Norwegian novelist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1928.,_%D0%A1%D0%B8%D0%B3%D1%80%D0%B8%D0%B4#/media/File:Sigrid_Undset_young.jpg%20

Now, the next name “Sindre” which means “spakling” goes to lado who always brought me a joy with very exciting comments. And this is Sindre Lunke – a Norwegian road cyclist which profession is a some kind of reminiscent of lado’s hobby.,_%D0%A1%D0%B8%D0%BD%D0%B4%D1%80%D0%B5#/media/File:Sindre_Skj%C3%B8stad_Lunke.jpg%20

vidocka regularly pleased me with her marvelous comments & the chosen name is “Solveig” = “fortress of the Sun” cause the light of this reader supported me very much. This “sunny” name also belongs to Solveig Rogstad – a Norwegian biathlete.

All of us know Albert Herdianto Widjojo as a great friend who always makes us happy with his philosophical, poetic and creative works. To my mind, the perfect name for him is “Kjetil” = “helmet” because he is relentless in defense of our excellent mood. And this is Kjetil Jansrud – a Norwegian World Cup alpine ski racer and Olympic champion.

Pamela Moresby very often shares with us very curious posts + photos devoted to the nature of New Zealand. That’s why I decided that the name “Liv” which means “life, protection” is the best choice for her. Also this name belongs to the famous Norwegian actress Liv Ullman who was one of the “muses” of Ingmar Bergman.

ellie925 has an excellent ability to find beauty in what at first glance seems ordinary, but in fact is the decoration of our lives. Her photos of beautiful living things always inspire me + creative culinary recipes are really super. So, the name I chosen for her is “Bjørg” = “help, protection”. And this is Bjørg Eva Jensen – a speed skater from Norway, who won the 3,000 m event at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid.

Branka Drobnjak delights me with her brief and succinct comments and this is a great support for me. So I would like to present her the majestic name “Tora”, and its meaning is “goddess of thunder”. In this regard let me remember about Tora Berger – the famous Norwegian biathlete and Olympic champion.

The creative posts of Gloridaze + super comments amaze and inspire me every day. I wish to give this reader two chosen names because unfortunately I don’t know if it’s him or her. So the male name is “Dag” and the female name is “Dagmar”, and the meaning of these names is “glorious day”. Famous people with these names: Dag Ingebrigtsen (a Norwegian musician), Dagmar Lahlum (a member of the Norwegian resistance during World War II, later worked for MI5.

LaJenna always pleases us with her beautiful photos & the jokes from her cute cats. If you want to raise up your mood, you should surely read her Virily posts and enjoy photos. That’s why the name chosen for her is “Hanneli” which means “goodness”. And this is Hanneli Mustaparta – Norwegian photographer, fashion blogger, stylist and former model.

PaulPallazola often shares with us very interesting stories about different moments of people’s lives. He likes to illuminate them at an unexpected side, which gives them colorfulness. Let me present him the name “Håvard” = “guardian” because he tries to attract our attention to human problems. Also this name belongs to Håvard Holmefjord Lorentzen – a Norwegian speed skater.

Zaklina Maca Miljkovic and her chaming cats have long been our friends. Her kind comments always support me. The name chosen for her is “Ingebjørg” = “concern for well-being”.  And this is Ingebjørg Kosmo – a Norwegian opera singer.

Mystic Brenda Marie amazes us with her posts devoted to the spiritual world and unusual creative thoughts and ideas. I think that the name “Gerd” = “protection” is suitable to her interests. And let me remember about Gerd Grieg – a Norwegian stage and film actress.

marija64 is a multi-faceted personality and has a wide range of interests – family life, cultural and social events, culinary recipes and so on. All her advices are always useful so I would like to present her the name “Ragna” = “wise advice”. And this is a photo of Ragna Wettergreen – a Norwegian actress.,_actor,_undated_portrait_about_1908_-_SMV_-_GV077.tiff

Deepizzaguy always makes our hearts to beat faster because of his descriptions of difficult life situations with happy endings. That’s why I wish to present him the name “Ole Gunnar” = “the defender” (I mean the defender of people’s interests). Also this name belongs to Ole Gunnar Solskjær, a Norwegian football player who is currently the caretaker manager of Manchester United.

All of us know Norman Darlington as a maker of super quizes and posts about his marvelous garden. His ability to create interesting and difficult quizes surely deserves the name “Knut” = “knot”. In this regard let me remember the famous Norwegian write Knut Hamsun.

The interests of HistoryGal are evident and the historical posts are just stunning. And I would like to present this reader two names because unfortunately I don’t know if it’s him or her. So the male name is “Ragnvald” = “council of higher powers” and the female name is “Vígdís” = “battle”. The famous Norwegian historians with these names: Ragnvald Moe and Vígdís Ystad.

Barbara Hart Radisavljevic is a blogger with a great experience. To my mind, in order to become such professional, you need to be able to win battles, and first of all, with yourself. That’s why the name chosen for her is “Gunnhild” = “battle”. And this is Gunnhild Øyehaug, a Norwegian poet, writer and lecturer.

Ghostwriter poems are always very expressive and saturated with incredible images. And I wish to give this reader two names because unfortunately I don’t know if it’s him or her. So the male name is “Rolf” = “glory” and the female name is “Merethe” = “pearl”. The famous Norwegian poets with these names: Rolf Jacobsen and Merethe Lindstrøm.,_1933.jpg%20,_vinnare_av_Nordiska_radets_litteraturpris_2012_(1).jpg

Wish you all to have a great fun of this post and enjoy winter holidays!

What do you think?

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  1. What a wonderful, thoughtful and generous post! You are so kind to go to such trouble for your readers, and I am thrilled to share a nickname with Knut Hamsun! I remember reading his book, “Hunger” when I was a teenager and how deeply it affected me 🙂 Let me wish you a happy and successful 2019, dear Anastasia 😀

  2. All I can say is simply WOW. I feel flattered, blessed and complimented by this tribute to all of us including little old me. Now I will enlighten you: I am, despite my harsh or historical posts, very much a woman. I will carry the name Vigdis (battle) with pride. I want to wish you again a very Merry Christmas and a beautiful Happy New Year.

  3. Whoa! It’s the best Christmas gift of all century, Anastasia. I felt very flattered and felt honored with the name Kjetil. Umh… how to spell it right? I and all the friends who got the fun gift must have been very happy! Btw, speaking of names, your name is the same as the name of my eldest sister.

    Thank you for your wonderful gift and Merry Christmas.

    Best regards,
    Kjetil Albert Herdianto Widjojo.

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