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Longest foot's man of the world

Do you know who has the biggest foot in the world? If not, know that young man Lars Motza, a native of Germany has this the title.Lars Motza is only 16 years old which name is recorded in Guinness Book of World, while their toe length is 34.98 cm which, if applied in inches, is a size of 13.77.

The Guinness Book of World Records team took the size of a youngster’s foot on November 19, 2018 and announced worldwide that if anyone wears a shoe larger than 57, he should contact, so that he may be honored. Earlier, the long foot was honored by Mathew Andrew, whose feet were 12.97 inches.

Lars’s father was convinced that his son’s feet were the tallest, because at the time of the birth of the young man, the feet size was 3. 74 inches. He added , I an my wife both of us have big feet. I get 50 while Lars’s mother gets a 43-foot European shoe size. We were convinced that Lars’ feet would be even bigger.

Lars said people laugh at him and make fun of him, while young children are scared to look at him.

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