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UK Friends Adam & Chris Set New World Record – 9 Cities in 24 Hours

London-based Adam Luton and his friend Chris Fletcher  roamed 9 capital city by Schedule Transport and set a unique world record.

Both started their journey from London to Amsterdam from 25 to 26 November, after which they reached Paris and Brussels.

After arriving to Brussels, they traveled to Berlin via airplane. As soon as they arrived in Berlin, Adam and Chris departed for Prague and then they reached Bratislava with next flight.

To make a World Record, both the friends traveled to Vaniaka  on the train to reach their destination and then Budapest.

In this entire journey, Adam and his friend Chris took 23 hours and 50 minutes. After which, they recorded their names in the Guinness Book of World Record.

Adam said that before this record, they had broken record of maximum number of countries in 24 hours. and faced many difficulties to make this record, but despite all this, both of them enjoyed the whole journey.

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