World's biggest mouth-opening boy!

The 14-year-old boy from the state of Minnesota United states ,has set a world record for his unique character. Yes, The Minnesota’s boy didn’t make a world record by doing anything great, rather, he have been included in the Guinness World Record list because of their world biggest mouth opening.
Isaac Johnson has ability to opens his mouth 3.67 inches, that’s why he have the honor of being the biggest mouth-opening man in the world.
Before this, the biggest mouth  opener in the world was a German man who could open his mouth up to 3.46 inches.

But now the 14 year-old Isaac Johnson has earned the honor of opening her mouth by 3.67 inches.

Ice Johnson says he can easily fit anything in his mouth, including baseball, big apples, burgers, etc. If you can open your mouth more than 3.67 inches, the World Record is definitely waiting for you.

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