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Today ~ 365 Photos Challenge #152

Today I woke up feeling so happy, somehow. This is a normal day and a regular morning. Nothing special, nothing to be greeted, but this surge of feeling is so unique.

In fact, I have long learned to enjoy the happiness of any situation, and so far the happiness and the peace have always filled me. But this is different.

Even my usual smile invites questions from both my daughters. And invited the gift of a kiss from my wife warmer than usual. Ahhh… In the yard, even the grass looks very green and beautiful, also the flowers.

Look, the Yellow-Veined Eranthemum (Eranthemum reticulatum) also looked fascinating this morning! Then I just sat there staring at her smile without remembering coffee beside me, without realizing the time, without…

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  1. Beautiful flower of exuberant colors that gives us a very good picture, beautiful words that relate what was experienced on a normal morning by a man who does not seem so common. Congratulations.


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