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Dream ~ 365 Photos Challenge #158

We all generally live under a flag and symbols. Both are simple things but have a number of meanings and great intentions as ideals, laws, norms, cultures, rules, mechanisms, pride, self-esteem, etc.

Everyone wants it so far as just words, as a fiction, or a dream because dreams have almost no risks, consequences, and responsibilities at all. We will not be sued for our dreams last night, even the worst as robbing or killing, though we may be jealous of our spouses if we know that he/she dreams of others we consider to be competitors…

Ideals and dreams can be very inspiring, potentially to move us to desires even though it can never be fully achieved. Like peace, freedom, and justice, they are wonderful to talk about but no one wants to be truly peaceful, free and fair because they come with responsibility and consequences. So instead of reaching all three, we allow ourselves to depend. Why not? Depending so much easier, and we should not be burdened by responsibility, risks, and consequences, we would rather have someone else we can rely on to bear all that.

It is another form of hallucination of our mentality. When we talk about peace, freedom, and justice, we have lied, we become hypocrites. So, as long as all of that is merely encouragement and discussed through writing in the books, the greatest to the ordinary, through preaching, discussion, seminars and others, it will only move to a certain extent. Mentally, all those are just other forms of slavery, slavery that frees us from responsibility, risk, and consequence. As humans and citizens with this body and mind, who tread on this earth, many ideas will forever be ideals, unless you desire and seek to achieve that as a spiritual being.

Here is all about 365 Photos Challenge and I am on Day 158.


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