Y-3 Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Fashions Goes Even Darker

After posting Y-3 spring/summer 2017 runway video, I was curious to find out what the Y-3 fall/winter 2017-2018 would be like. It appears to be similar casual and monochromatic uniform-like pants outfits, but in monochromatic black. The clothes are the same edgy, streetwear style, but much darker than the Y-3 spring/summer 2017 version. All of the sudden, I started to see some color, which is clothes in the same blue-green print, worn either as monochromatic print or contrast between black outfits with a monochromatic print clothing.

Peach is a popular contrast color. I rarely wear this much black unless I am going to a funeral.  It looks very morbid or Goth that it is kind of scary, hinting again to N.W.O. or Agenda 21. Moreover, the runway ramp looks like a dark underground tunnel. Remember the last Hunger Games movie when they escaped hiding in the underground tunnel? There is just too much dark symbolism in the Y-3 fashion videos.


What do you think?

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