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Fall 2017 Makeup Trends: Eyeshadow Glitter

  • First, notice this ugly girl on this video is doing the Illuminati promotions, with one eye closed and tongue sticking out, like what many celebrities do in order to get paid a lot of money. She is probably getting paid a lot of money on youtube promoting makeup and fashion trends to YouTubers.
  • Second, she is wearing a black blouse with black lipstick in her photo on the left, which looks very goth and satanic. But she does look better looking on the right. Actually, this kind of looks like the black/white duality. Wow, I didn’t realize that this video had a lot of Illuminati symbolism. But, oh well, it is more fun to blog about it.
  • The Fall 2017 makeup trends that I picked up from this video includes heavy metallic colors for eyeshadow, artsy black eyeliner, dark berry lips, bold and bright eyeshadow, bright pink makeup, spiky clownish eyelashes.
  • Now, that I think about it, these makeup trends are also promoting the “evil clown” look that is popular in many dark movies, like Batman, Joker, and other horror movies, and they are often associated with local false flags that involve an MK-Ultra mind control young man victim doing the shooting as a crisis actor.

Although this makeup video is for summer 2017 makeup trends, peach is still popular for fall 2017, but the colors are darker in smoky shades brown, coral, and peach shades with an accent on glitter, while the summer trends are more soft and pretty.

Fall makeup trends include glitter eyeshadow and dark lipstick as well as makeup in warm shades of browns and oranges. There are also lots of bright pinks and reds. But whichever colors you prefer, keep your look in monochromatic shades. These makeup trends go well with the recent hair trend of Tiger Eye hair color trend, which is monochromatic hair color in different shades, whether you prefer different shades of browns, reds, or off the radar crazy hair colors, such as lilacs, pinks, greens, or blues.

This fall’s new smoky eye includes smudging dark gray eyeshadow over the eyelids and adding a glitter eyeshadow under the eyebrows for accents. Again, eye shadow glitter, blush, and lipstick are in warm tones of an orange shade. Lots of coral shades are used for eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick. Add a dark brown or black eye pencil to outline the eyes, before topping it with either brown or black mascara. But the smoky eyeshadow might be in a brownish gray shade for a warm but sultry autumn 2017. I think this look has an urban style, like a city slicker.

This year’s fall makeup trends are not surprising because warm tones have always been popular during the autumn season. One difference for Autumn 2017 is that glitter eyeshadow will be added as an accent in makeup. The main thing to remember that fall 2017 makeup is all about emphasizing the eyes, in matte eyeshadow, shimmer glitter eyeshadow, and metallic glitter eyeshadow in warm shades. The main colors for fall are browns, corals, peaches, and golds.

Then, wear a monochromatic outfit that matches your makeup and hair color shades.


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