Y-3 Spring/Summer 2017 Fashions?

My first impression about this fashion runway video was “Wow, the future has arrived.” The style looks like monochromatic and futuristic uniforms, simple and clean, for uniformity and conformity. As I kept watching, I noticed that the models were robotic, almost like the cyber robots of the future. It reminded me of videos about N.W.O. totalitarian society. The clothes are very edgy and urban street-wear, but minimalistic and monochromatic from head to toe, including weird space helmets.

I noted on an earlier fashion post of some ideas from California Style Magazine fall/winter 2017 preview that there will be minimalist, simple, and uniform-like pants outfits. This video states that this style started in spring/summer 2017 but it takes that predicted fall trend to another level. Even the runway ramp looks futuristic and space age, similar to Star Wars or Hunger Games movie scenes. I wasn’t sure if I was watching a fashion runway or a movie trailer.


What do you think?


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