12 Fall 2017/Winter 2018 Fashion Trends

Although it is still hot and humid in southern California, summer is almost over. Cool weather is just around the corner, even in southern California. So, I decided to post this video as a reminder of this autumn’s latest trends, which will also be popular for winter 2018. Some of the styles and ideas have already been popular since springtime and they appear to be still going strong, alive and kicking…

The 12 must-haves for this fall and winter seasons:

  1. Monochromatic pale pink is soft, pretty, and romantic. It can also be elegant and sophisticated, depending on the style of the outfit.
  2. Ruffles, feathers, and flower embellishments are very feminine and romantic textures. But it is important not to overdo it with such embellishments. If you wear too many feathers, then you might look like a big bird that is about to take flight, or too many flowers might make you look like a live plant. Or, too many ruffles will look too childish.It is best to use such embellishments as an accent to an outfit, like an accessory.
  3. Knife pleats look elegant and sophisticated, especially for a cocktail skirt or dress, or for an evening gown. It is usually for delicate fabrics, which also might look soft and romantic as well as feminine and flowing.
  4. Deep Blue is another popular color. I personally love to wear navy during wintertime.
  5. Metallic silver is another popular color, especially for evening-wear. I wouldn’t recommend monochromatic metallic silver unless you want to look like a robot, transhumanism, or a mechanical doll. But I think it is fun to add some metallic silver as an accent. I have always liked wearing metallic accessories with a monochromatic white outfit.
  6. Chocolate brown is another popular color for a monochromatic outfit. Brown shades are always popular for the autumn season, anyway, and brown is usually the “black” for autumn and spring seasons because brown is warm-toned, similar to autumn and spring colors.
  7. Mustard shades are also warm shades, which have always been popular for the autumn season. Such shades also look good with brown shades, if you are tired of the monochromatic mustard shade outfit. Consider layering an outfit in brown and mustard shades. Curry yellow is considered a mustard shade.
  8. Power Red sounds so bold, strong, and powerful, which is not recommended for a monochromatic outfit. I love wearing red with denim blue, or with a black and white outfit.
  9. Skirts and dresses that are just below the knee, as well as pencil skirts, continue to be popular, mostly worn with boots or booties.
  10. Gray pantsuits and long coats look traditional, elegant, sophisticated, and professional, which makes such items practical and classic.
  11. Burgundy is another color that I have always liked wearing during the winter season. It comes in various shades, depending on if your skin is warm or cool-toned. Since I am cool-toned, I prefer to wear wine and aubergine. Warm-toned burgundy might include brick red, maroon, and Auburn.
  12. All dress lengths are popular. So, consider your body type, and where whatever fits your personal style and looks good on your body shape.


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