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Lookbook for Fall 2017

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

While watching Youtube videos, I check out some fashion lookbook 2017 videos, and I decided to create one using my IMVU avatar as the fashion model. I enter my avatar’s studio apartment, which is also her modeling studio where she sometimes does her indoor photo shoots. I put together 13 lookbook outfits with my avatar’s clothes and accessories in her current wardrobe. She does have a minimal wardrobe because I only have a certain amount of credits. I save up credits until I have enough to shop for trendy items each season. My avatar shows you how you can dress fashionably for Autumn 2017, based on her IMVU garment district outfits.

  1. The Monochromatic Red outfit. I used different shades of red, as well as different textures and prints. Notice the velvet dark red cami, knit dark knit cowl, rose skinny jeans, red plaid flat cap and shirt tied around the hips, and red checkered high-top sneakers.

Monochromatic Red

2. French-inspired Outfit. The model is wearing denim pants, striped hoodie, and white sneakers. Her trendy bob has the tiger-eye hair color. She also has some henna tattoos on the back of her hands as well as lots of rings.

3. Bold colors and velvet outfit. The model pairs the dark red velvet cami with comfy leggings with colorful and bold print design. She also wears the same white sneakers. Her bob is now Auburn.

4. Off-the-Shoulder blouse with torn denim pants. The model wears an off-the-shoulder camouflage print blouse with a torn faded denim pants and white sneakers.

5. Cropped top with a mini skirt. The model wears an orange cropped top with a white mini skirt and white sneakers.

6. Edgy Street Outfit. The model wears an olive army jacket with a white blouse, torn black denim pants, and white sneakers.

7. Graphics Outfit. The model wears a black sweater with a white slogan, colorful space print leggings, and hiking-style bootie.

8. The Feather accent. She wears her fedora with a feather in this casual outfit.

9. When she isn’t wearing her fedora, her long bob is tousled in a tiger-eye colors, which fits perfectly with her leopard-print bomber jacket, torn black denim pants, and hiking boots.

10. A must-have for Autumn 2017 is a belted jacket to cinch the waist, which looks great with this gray pantsuit as well as a white ruffled shirt with very long sleeves. She wears white sneakers. Her layered bob is tousled and colored black.

11. Another must-have for this Autumn is an asymmetric dress. She prefers a short dress because she is young and thin. She wears black booties with this dress.

12. Another must-have is the fake shearling jacket, which is warm and comfy for fall’s cool weather. Since she is an animal lover, she makes it has nothing to do with the slaughter of any sheep. She wears monochromatic black with this jacket, which includes a black slouchy beanie, black mini dress, and black combat boots. Her hair is now long, tousled and Auburn.

13. This outfit was actually last year’s IMVU fashion week gift. But long coats are still popular for this year. So, she wears this coat in a black and white outfit, which includes white blouse, black pants, white sneakers, and striped scarf. Her hair is now long and platinum blonde.


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