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Marilyn Monroe and James Dean?

No, this is my son as James Dean and Emily Marie. She is considered to be the most naturally identical face of Miss Marilyn.

Her photos & video speak for themselves– No wig, authentic costuming, class and integrity. Emily’s uncanny Marilyn-like speech, mannerisms, energy and sensuality and spark to any event with old Hollywood class. She is such a fun person to work with. We had a blast!

The one below, I was trying for the typical paparazzi shot. lol

We went to the beach and this old pool hall.

My son is not a model. She really got him out of his shell. She’s a pro.

Behind the scenes shots..

Taking a break, candid shots.

Always in character. lol

This one in black and white at the lifeguard tower.

James Dean at the mirror.

After the fun photo shoot we went out to eat. You should have seen the looks Emily (Marilyn) got. hahaaha

Fun times!

Hope you enjoyed this set.


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  1. I do remember the line in the movie “Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan” after Dr Spock dies. One of the crew members told Captain Kirk “Spock is not really dead as long as we remember him.” Now I know what it means with these images of Hollywood icons who were famous before I was born.


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