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Paynes Prairie

There is this random Prairie in the middle of Florida just north of Ocala and south of Gainesville. I had stopped there on my way...

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Don’t Go Into the Woods

Don't Go Into the Woods Original canvas painting by me. Inspired by my fairy tale theme I have going one. Used acrylic paints on 12x16 canvas....

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Green Week Color Challenge (5 submissions)

Have a wonderful Monday and week everyone! I have switched things up to doing the color challenges once a week. I am following the rainbow!...

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Canoeing on Alexander Springs

There are many natural springs in Florida. We have a bucket list to visit most of them this summer. Our first spring visit of...

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Enchanted Apple – Original Canvas Art

This is my original canvas art. I have entitled it Enchanted Apple. There is a tutorial online how to create this painting. I wanted...

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