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18 Best Cover Songs

Music is one of my passions, I have enjoyed it as long as I can remember.  I used to want to be a singer when I was growing up.   I was in choir during Jr. High and High School (so 6 years).  I wanted to continue that, but it didn’t happen.  I was given the idea to write about the best (or in this case it will be my favorite) cover songs.  During my high school years, our choirs would have a pop concert and we would sing popular songs.  So, I think sharing my favorite cover songs would be a fun task.

What are your favorite cover songs?  Feel free to share them!  Don’t forget to vote for your favorites if they are on this list too!

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  1. Oh my mommy Eli…haha…your post is very great…we both have the same taste in music..Acoustic covers…you should make it 10 songs rather than 7…i’m having a good time watching ur embedded videos from Youtube…maybe next time i’ll post blog about acoustic covers too, you should watch them from me too…good job!

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