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Keith Whitley – When You Say Nothing at All

A few days ago or maybe less, I wrote about singing with a twang. This Thursday version of the Song Saturday challenge is another great example. Mind you, I have no idea if Keith Whitley spoke with a southern drawl, which is a key part of a twang, but he certainly does a good job of singing with a twang. The thing is that you don’t need a southern drawl to sing with a twang, though it takes concentration and practice. I even sing with a twang on some songs. Then again, in 1973, I rook a trip to Tennessee and more than one person asked where I was from. When I told them I was from Oregon, they wouldn’t believe that I wasn’t from the south because I’ve always picked up accents easily.

I’m not including the lyrics because Keith’s voice is clear and understandable, even when he sings with a twang.


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Written by Rex Trulove


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