Learning to sing better: What is your range?

Many people who want to sing better don’t even know what their vocal range is. I knew what it was when I sang tenor but had to learn what it is now since it has changed. This is important moving ahead, especially if you want to see the improvement as you begin to expand that vocal range.

What is a person’s range? It is simply the lowest note they can sing without the voice breaking or cracking through the highest note they can sing without cracking or breaking. The range isn’t inflexible, meaning that sometimes you’ll be able to sing higher or lower. For example, if you are relaxed you will usually be able to sing higher and lower note than when you aren’t relaxed.

So how do you find your range? You simply need access to a piano or virtual piano. If you don’t have access to a piano, there are a number of free downloadable piano applications you can use. One of these is PC 73 Virtual Piano Keyboard available on CNET. Using this tool, sing the lowest note you can clearly sing without breaking and proceed to the highest. Make sure you use a chest voice when you do this as head voice will yield different results. When you are done, you’ll know your vocal range.

I’m working on expanding my range which is currently poor. My range is from Aa (A an octave below middle C) to G above middle C. In the image, I’ve identified the musical notes. My range is identified by the red ellipse.

What I’m sharing should help you expand your vocal range.

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Written by Rex Trulove