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It’s easy to create new kinds of bookmarks, when you’re a bookworm. Books are your favorite items, the objects of beauty and admiration which need to be treated according to their importance. It’s a mortal sin to fold page’s corner just to mark where you paused your reading. That’s why wise people invented bookmarks. And because bookmarks can be funny, too.

After my Fantasy Bookmarks, I thought about making something that lures a smile. So I came to an idea to combine my favorite fantasy creatures with my favorite pastimes. And my gnomes bookmarks were born.

Those bookmarks are made the way I make pretty much everything – from materials I could find in my drawers, closets and pantry. A piece of fake fur (from a hood of an anorak), very thin wooden sticks (for shish kebabs), large wooden beads, small plastic or glass beads and any kind of fabric scraps.

#3 Little Blue Cap

This little bearded guy will be exactly where you left him.


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