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Plastic Bottles Gnomes

Let me introduce you my nature friendly gnomes. They are made of recycled plastic bottles and caps, newspaper, fabrics and fake fur. So, those guys reduced a considerable pile of waste. Materials that those little fellows are made of are cheap but request serious amount of skills in creation things.

Their bodies are made of solid plastic parts of bottles and tiny legs are made of wire, which makes them flexible. Gnomes are supposed to seat on the corner of a table, shelf, or whatever piece of furniture they can, mind their business in peace and look after kids in family. Although they are not so big (30-40cm from the top of caps to toes in stylish shoes) they are very good guardians. Each and everyone of them will fearlessly attack any boogeyman in the closet or chase away a monster under the bed. That will be done in quiet, so the sleeping child won’t be disturbed, as they were trained in The Camp For House Gnomes. After they finished their training, they worked in Santa’s Toy Factory for a while, but now, they are on special assignments as personal body guards. If you hire any of them, your child will sleep tight, protected from nightmares.


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