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Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world.  However, the area of Banda Aceh is the only region in which sharia law operates.  In the culture of sharia law, a penalty of public flogging occurs when a person is caught doing various vices such as gambling, drinking alcohol, flirting, and any sex outside of a marriage between a man and a woman.

In the past, only men flogged the women.  However, women have received new equality rights as Banda Aceh has appointed a new female flogging squad.  Since men beating women is inhumane, the region of Banda Aceh now allows for women to beat women.

The above picture was taken before the first female-to-female whipping took place in Indonesia.  


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    • Indonesia is isolated because it is an island country. No oil or gas has been found in Indonesia so the world powers will not interfere like how they interfere in the Middle East and in eastern Europe. From an unconventional stance, we can bring about change gradually by letting others know about what is happening. For example, nobody was talking about climate change ten years ago, but things have changed because more and more people are protesting and talking about it.

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