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21 Beautiful Islands of Indonesia ~ Part 2

As suggested by Rasma, I am starting a new series about the islands of Indonesia. From what I have found, there are over 17,000 total beaches in Indonesia. 

I always think of our friend Albert when I research Indonesia. I hope he is doing well.

In this series I will share the 21 most beautiful islands. This is part two of my series. If oyu missed the first one you can see it here: Beautiful Islands of Indonesia #1

 I will start with the next five.

6. Padar is part of the expansive Komodo National Park in East Nusa Tenggara. But in contrast to its famed sister island, this uninhabited islet appears completely quiet and serene, with nothing but stretches of beautiful hilly landscape. A big part of this island is still uncharted territory, but a certain viewpoint embracing three magnificent bays in one scene has quickly become a coveted panorama, bringing more people to this island for the Instagram potential.

7. You may not need anyone to tell you how Bali is one of the most beautiful islands to visit in Indonesia – but it’s a world acclaimed island paradise for a reason. Over the years its charms have been refined by newly discovered attractions, passionate communities and top-class establishments. Welcoming millions of international tourists yearly, Bali is used to providing something for every taste, be it natural features, food, cultural workshops, art, shopping and more. 

8. Nusa Islands: This string of three islands off the coast of Bali is an up and coming destination, with natural attractions that many argue outshine the mainland. Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan each have their own specialty, but all three offer splendid underwater scenes beneath the ocean’s calm, translucent surface. These islands are perfect for diving, snorkeling and water sports, with other favorite activities including cliff-jumping in Nusa Ceningan, crossing the yellow bridge between Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, and admiring the iconic Kelingking Beach at Nusa Penida.

9. This archipelago off the coast of West Sumatra is a world famous surfing paradise. Surfers of all skill levels flock here for the big waves, ranging from two to 15 ft tall. The Mentawai Islands also keep a treasure chest of vibrant marine biodiversity below the waves, including dolphins, dugongs and sea turtles. 

10. Weh Island: Constituting Indonesia’s westernmost point, the remote geography of this beautiful island has protected it from too many tourists. But with white sand beaches and translucent water, the journey is still very much worth taking. The island has diving and snorkelling spots with undisturbed wildlife. The unspoiled condition doesn’t mean this island is underdeveloped,  tourists will be welcomed with charming cottages and beachside restaurants to enjoy sunsets while feasting on fresh seafood.

*The photo above is of the beautiful Bali islands.

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