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Things and items that used to be banned in The White House

When the presidents of the United States step in order to live in The White House, their power is greater than you ever thought. But when it gets to the property and what’s allowed inside and what’s not, they tend to be very picky. 

Take a look at what’s been banned throughout the years in The White House. Some of them remained, others have been modified while there are some that have even been canceled. 



George Bush disliked broccoli. He banned the usage of broccoli in the entire building. He remembered his mother forcing him to eat it, therefore started hating it.

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When in 2017 they announced that The White House was open for visits, they firstly made some restrictions. Among the other things, fireworks have been forbidden, just like knife and balloons. The reason remained unknown.

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In 1955 Dwight D. Eisenhower set up a lawn that had been attacked by squirrels in no time. After seeing this disaster he ordered for them to be shot whenever seen there. Sad but true.

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When George Bush became a president, one of his wishes had been the dress code to be back in the rules of The White House, just like at his father's time. He banned the usage of jeans in the Oval Office and everyone should be dressed according to a business dress code.

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Mobile phones

The ones who were working in the Western Wing of The White House were not allowed to use their personal mobile phones since January 2018. There are appropriate phones produced only for them to be used among them. They have no typing option.

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Christmas Tree

One of the presidents happened to be conservative therefore believed that the usage of a tree for Christmas is an act of destroying the nature. He banned the Christmas Trees in the whole building.

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Written by Elena Bojchovska

Macedonian girl, 25 years old.

I currently live in Madrid, Spain. I am a passionate football lover who supports Real Madrid. I've studied English language and literature. I used to live in Seville, Spain, for two years, therefore I am fluent both in English and Spanish, besides my mother language which is Macedonian. I am passionate about travelling the world and reading books. Lately psychology calls my attention. I enjoy exploring new cultures and meeting new people.


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