Archetypes & Stereotypes to Condition Public & Society

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Archetypes has to do with the original version or the model, which copies are made from. Bully, Damsel, Hero, Outcast, and Dreamer are the archetypes in this movie, The Breakfast Club. When these teens reject the idea of writing about who they are, they are learning to move on to better people, or at least just growing up, because they realize that they are just not happy with their current label and life, as a whole.

Stereotype is often defined as a very common mainstream belief of an idea, person, thing, or group, often used to typecast or label everything, which is very inaccurate.

They are both used to control people in society by placing everyone in groups. It makes people robotic slaves, playing roles instead of being their individualist self. (Even identical twins are different from each other). Moreover, it is used to condition people for the future. Just look at this One World Lockdown. The Zionists have used this Coronavirus to enslave the whole earth together, teaching them about social distancing and preparing them for the New World Order totalitarian society of slaves to a One World Government. And, the cashless society with microchips for One World Currency will further control and enslave the whole earth.

Just notice what other stupid characters in movies and TV series intentionally promote to the public. Beavis and Butthead, Dumb and Dumber, Forrest Gump, and many more often make stupidity a positive thing so that people will follow the agenda and mindlessly move with the flow toward slavery in their jobs and lifestyle, as well as eventually accepting New World Order totalitarian society as a good and positive thing.

The internet has helped people become more individualistic, each preferring to do their own thing and in their own personal way, which is why I feel the internet is a good thing. It is no wonder that more and more people prefer to be on the internet, watching Youtube Videos rather than watching TV. More and more people are even watching less movies. Or, if they watch movies, they prefer independent, foreign, or vintage movies, and avoiding wasting their money on the usual new crap.

If you watch movies about totalitarian society, you will notice everyone looks like stoic and controlled slaves, practicing social distancing, and wearing a neutral uniform outfit. It is no wonder they closed all the malls because they don’t want people to express their individualist identity via fashion. I don’t think it is about this Coronavirus because they could have done the same thing as grocery stores, gas stations and post office. They could have just limited the people inside malls. For one thing, the malls are usually empty on weekdays before six. Only the weekends and holidays attract large amounts of people to the malls. Or, at least require people to wear masks when they go out, whether work, malls, gym, or meetups.


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