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Snow Cones ~ Day 184 (365 Photos Challenge)

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For today’s photo I decided to share a photo I took of some snow cones. 

Today was the kick off of my town’s 4th of July celebration. My town hosts a 5 day celebration of food and fun to celebrate the holiday. 

Today, June 30th the celebration was started out with a Christmas in July breakfast at 6 A.M.  Then at 11 A.M., all the food booths in our town square opened for business.  My husband, Eli, and I ate food from the FFA booth.  

After that, we got Eli a snow cone and my husband and I shared one.  What was cool about this snow cone truck was that you got to put the flavors on yourself….that means you can add how much you want and any flavors you want.  Eli added grape, cherry, blue raspberry and fruit punch.  My husband and I shared a mixture of tiger’s blood (my favorite flavor), fruit punch, cherry, and blue raspberry. 

We also picked up some cotton candy, a fun tradition of the 4th of July celebration. 

Tonight (and through Tuesday night) there is a free concert.  After dark tonight there will be a firework show.  It’s always amazing.  

Then, there will be a parade on the 4th….that’s another thing we really enjoy.

One disappointing note is that the carnival was cancelled this year.  Eli was really looking forward to going.  We’ll take him to one in a town nearby next month when they have their county fair.  

If I get any photos from any of the events, I’ll be sure to share them here! 

If you are from the states and celebrate the 4th of July, what is your favorite thing about it?  Does your town have any special festivities during the 4th? 


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  1. I miss that about small towns. A five day celebration, wow! How much fun is that!! I hope you enjoyed the concert. The snow cones look good, are they sugar free? grins. Im the one to talk, miss I ate pie yesterday… I hope you get tons of photos. Have a great fourth!

    • Yes, a fun thing about small towns for sure. The 5 day celebration is fun, but very crowded! The concert last night was alright. Tonight’s I expect will be much better because we’ve seen this band perform in the past.
      The snow cones weren’t sugar free unfortunately. I also had a krepe that wasn’t sugar free!
      Hope you’ll have a great 4th too! I’ll have to share the photos all together once it’s all over 🙂

  2. Here is the rundown. In the former Canal Zone in Panama, the U S military and the employees of the Panama Canal Company would have a parade on July 4 until 1999 when the canal was transferred to another nation.
    In Lake Charles there will be celebrations in the Lake area.


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