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365 Photos Challenge ~ Photos 251 through 255

I haven’t shared any photos in the 365 Photos challenge for a while, so I thought I would post a couple today.  I haven’t taken quite as many photos the past few weeks, but these are a few I did take. 

All of these were taken with my phone camera (a Hauwei model).

I’d love to know what you all think of these photos, as well….do you like them being posted in a group or would you prefer one photo at a time? 

#1 Photo # 251 ~ Delicious Food

This is a photo I took of a meal out that I had when my husband I went out to breakfast while Eli was in school.  Yes, I had tots for breakfast!  No, it wasn't low carb.  Yes, I have cheat meals/days occasionally.  

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#2 Photo # 252 ~ Happy Eli

Pushing the little kids cart at the local youth ranch (aka thrift store). 

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#3 Photo # 253 ~ Red Sun

I wish it had turned out how it looked in person....but it looked this way because of the smoke when the fires were so bad.  It's finally cleared up here, thankfully.  

#4 Photo # 254 ~ More food!

This was a meal that I had while shopping the other day. We love going to Culver's.  Do you have one near you? 

#5 Photo # 255 ~ Sunflower

Another sunflower photo to share with you all.  They are tall, big, and falling over from their weight.  It will be sad to see them wither away.....but will save some seeds for next summer.  


What do you think?

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  1. I miss my neighbor, she used to give me seeds from her flowers. Since she passed not sure what will happen to her flowers.

    Great photos Courtney. Thanks for the smiles.