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365 Photos Challenge (Days 259 through 267)

It’s been a while since I shared any photos for the challenge, so I thought I would share some today.  

These are just random photos that I have taken recently.  Some of nature, some of Fifi, and some of Eli!  I hope you all will enjoy them 🙂

All photos were taken with my phone camera.  

I need to start using my DSLR, but it’s not always easy to carry it around everywhere.  

#1 259 ~ Eli in front of the Halloween Decoration

He didn't want to get too close though because he was scared.  So cute though 🙂

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#2 260 ~ Eli and CatBoy

His latest favorite show is PJ Masks.  He wants to be catboy for halloween, but not sure we'll be able to get him that costume this year.

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#4 262 ~ Interesting clouds (At Sunset)

The sunset is hiding behind the building though....but the clouds looked cool above it.

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#5 263 ~ More Halloween Decor

It'd be cool to have something like this in our yard....I know they are expensive though!   Do you have any  inflatable decorations? 

#6 264 ~ Silly Goober

He can make the silliest faces sometimes.  I know some of you enjoy seeing him though, so sharing extra this time around 🙂


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  1. Thank you so much for the update. This will be a great Halloween, make sure to take lots of pictures. Love the sky photos too, and the decorations. I never have had the blow up kind of decor, not for Xmas either. We always made our house look like a haunted house, carved pumpkins lots of spiders and webs, skeletons, head stones..ya know. lol

    • Well it won’t be as fun for us this halloween….our town is not doing a trunk or treat because where it usually takes place is under major construction. Still not sure what he’ll dress up as either…..but I will get pictures for sure!

      That sounds awesome; to make your house look like a haunted house! I wish I was good at decorating for holidays!